Pixels and Loss

They’ve staged my house.  Because it’s all different now.  Like everything else, real estate happens online now.  It’s all about the pixels.  I’m just about to set fire to everything I see.  And of course that was a quote from a John Mayer song.  Can you set fire to pixels?  Am I crazy to adore the sight of the big guy bending over a dog bed, making it lovingly, tucking it in, making it symmetrical?  That’s what I want;  symmetry.  Symmetry makes sense.  Square corners, no flying pixels, no human slaughter, no bitter pills, don’t say a word just come over and lie here with me, whoever you are who can square the corners, make sense of a world that makes no sense, a world that explodes when you touch it.  

I stayed up late reading The Goon Squad, which is such a set of words as I’ve never seen put together before.  One minute the sad, loving boy is playing on a beach and the next he’s grown up and hanging from a rope.  That’s how it happens, life.  One minute you’re ordering up a paint job and the next you’re selling the house.  One minute you’re ecstatically driving in a small town in Illinois, blessed with love and security and the next your arranging your affairs.  I cling to stupid John Mayer songs, and I cling to the sight of a young(er) man arranging his dogs’ bedding with solemnity.


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