It’s come to this;  I just downloaded the new Coldplay album.  Never tell anybody in my family.  It’s one of those cheesy habits I have, and at least it’s not cocaine.  Or weed or alcohol.  I also like Santana.  Whoa, we’re on a roll now.  I only like the pretty arias in opera.  I hate Messiaen.  I loved This Is 40.  Petunias.

The only reason I like to watch baseball is that it requires no thought and reminds me of lazy happier summers.  Also I like catchers. That thing for thighs, and also a little bit or a whole lot of envy at their ability to use their knees.  Nobody would believe it but a large part of my fascination with the big guy was his ability to sit on his feet and then get up.  Or just the getting up part.  Or the bending.  Or the ability to walk after bending.  Or the ability to walk.

Cars.  Good cars.  Driving.  Driving away.   


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