Alone Again, Naturally

The puppycam used to be such a magical place.  Got troubles?  Fire up the puppies, and the big guy, the gentle big guy, the guy with endless patience and a clear devotion to his charges.  The puppies were immaculate, symmetrical even in their little bed.  

I just tuned in for the fourth or fifth time today, and the puppy Hiro is doing what he’s always doing.  He’s circling, around the bed, to the deck, back in and around the bed.  He pauses and sits by what I guess is the opening, the place from which he can see people or the other dogs.  

Is there no dog in the household that this hapless import Hiro can cohabit with?  What happened to the cream pup who played and played, slept and slept with Hiro for ten days or so when he first arrived?  Do they hate this dog?

Today I saw the big shoes of SFShiba enter Hiro’s space.  The shoes stood still while Hiro was beside himself with excitement.  He jumped and jumped and finally was still.  Then the big guy tossed a bully stick at him and left.  Cold.  The body language – or lower leg and shoes language – was short, controlling, contemptuous.  What the hell has happened?  I ask myself questions because that’s my nature.  I try to excuse him – he does play with the pup, Hiro has a happy life off the camera, at night, say, and sometimes during the day.  Maybe something dreadful and preoccupying is happening in the family.  But none of that works.  The puppy is alone, pacing like a prisoner in solitary, trying to find something to look at, a good smell or the hand of a person.  It’s almost cruel.

What happened?  I’m so disappointed, and I’m not the only one.  


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